Bachelor's degree course
Documentation in medicine (MD)

The Bachelor’s degree course ‘Documentation and Computer Science in Medicine’ will lead you to a degree within 3 years. It will open up interesting job opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry, in research institutes, hospitals, and the software industry. It is the response to the great demand for qualified experts in the interdisciplinary area that comprises medicine, documentation, biometry and computer science. In this course there also lies a great emphasis on the students achieving proficiency in English.

The course also includes a 14-week-long practical project, which should be carried out in relevant industries - optionally in a foreign country. Co-operations with the University Hospital in Ulm, various hospitals in the region, and the relatively great number of pharmaceutical businesses and medical software companies around Ulm, offer very good opportunities for practical projects and provide the practical background for writing your final thesis. If your grades are satisfactory, this degree will qualify you for a Master’s degree, e.g. in the area of medical computer science, drug regulatory affairs, health management, health science / public health or statistics.

Duration of study: 6 semesters incl. 1 practical semester Degree: Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)

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