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The ‘Green Waves’ are spreading

Ulm University will be able to continue its activities regarding the project Danube Universities. The university owes this to the Baden-Württemberg foundation, which will be supporting the project ‘Donauhochschulen – Neue Netzwerkpartner im Boot’ (Danube Universities – new network partners on board) for the following three years through the programme ‘Baden-Württenberg-STIPENDIUM für Studierende – BWS plus’ (scholarship for students) with 100,000 euros. “This will guarantee the continuation of our ‘Green Waves’ Academies”, says a very pleased Csilla Csapo, co-ordinator of the network Danube Universities. Soon the Autumn Academy along the Danube with the topic ‘Smart Cities’ will take place, which will be followed by a Summer Academy in 2015 and 2016 with different topics.

The ‘Green-Waves’ Academies basically focus on renewable energies and the efficient use of energy. Strategically there is an emphasis on creating a network between universities bordering the Danube, in order to more strongly integrate especially Eastern European partners in the EU - which will be beneficial for both sides – and to improve the regional infrastructure with regards to a sustainable energy supply. The foundation for the current BWS-Plus Project was laid in 2012 with the first ‘Green-Waves’ summer academy, which had also been supported through the Baden-Württemberg foundation. Partners are universities in Vienna, Györ, Bratislava, Budapest, Obúda, Novi Sad, and Ruse.

On the whole 96 students from the participating universities will join the academies. The academies will be organised through Ulm University of Applied Sciences based on the guidelines of the programme Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM für Studierende - BWS plus’. Additionally the Baden-Württemberg foundation provides scholarships for 24 students. They are granted to students from Hungary, Serbia and Slovakia, interested in spending an exchange semester in Ulm, or for students from Ulm intending to do the same in the above-mentioned countries. One of the objectives of the project is to strengthen the student exchange.

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