Welcome to the website of SmartBots@Ulm. Our teams are participating in the RoboCup@Home league of RoboCup German Open since 2010. From 2016, our teams will participate in the RoboCup Logistics league.

Our team has been founded in April 2009 and has participated in the RoboCup@Home league of RoboCup German Open 2010, where we reached the 4th place. In 2011 we were able to improve even further, resulting in a fabulous second place. One year later in 2012 we reache the 5th place. Furthermore in 2013 we participated succesful at the RoboCup@Home league, where we occupied the 2nd place and in 2014 we occupied the 4th place.

After six exciting years participating at the RoboCup@Home league the team decided to change the practical focus this year, which results in a swap to the evolving RoboCup Logistics league. As reasons for this significant change can indeed be named the partnership with the Service Robotics Research Center, Festo, theSmartSoft framework which is available for the Robotino robots, the attractiveness of the Logistics league and the consensus regarding the research area, especially towards Industry 4.0.

The RoboCup itself is a challenge where teams develop robots to solve specific tasks that can be found in everyday life. The @Home league lies within the category of service robotics, where we support people with their ordinary tasks, such as serving food or drinks or doing chores. The RoboCup Logistics league focuses on in-factory logistics applications. The goal of the RoboCup Logistics league is to achieve a flexible solution of material and informational flow within industrial production using coordinated teams of autonomous mobile robots.

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